Curious about the power of Linxist?

Using the Linxist Introduction Engine powered by iEnterprises will facilitate an easier – and eventually automated and intelligent - process for connecting people in your network. With the Introduction Engine you can:

Save time in creating introduction e-mails – Write an e-mail to both parties in one screen, managing your message to both, and build upon previous e-mails and templates

Respect the people in your network – Easily craft an e-mail to the object of the introduction asking if they are open for a new connection. That person, with just one click of an ‘accept’ button, will automatically trigger two pre-written e-mails: 1) one between the two parties you are connecting and 2) one back to you signaling that the connection has been initiated. In this way, you are respecting your network by requiring conscious opt-in by all parties and, you, the connector, or not left wondering if it was successful.

Signal to your network that your connections are important and meaningful – You not only value your time but also that of the people in your network. You value the privacy of those people by allowing them the choice to opt-in to an introduction. You are not one to haphazardly connect people as a vanity metric but do so in an effort to enhance the value and interests of all parties involved.